Pepper plant: How to plant and harvest beautiful peppers at home

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Pepper plant: How to plant and harvest beautiful peppers at home

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  • Whoever likes plants, whether decorative, fruit or vegetables, has probably thought about having a beautiful pepper plant at home, right? The problem is that when you buy a big pepper plant, it usually doesn’t last long, ends up drying out in a short time or only giving the peppers that already came in it, then it dies. Besides, it’s much more beautiful and proud when you plant it from the seed and can monitor the growth and health of your little plant.

    That’s why I decided to write this post talking about how I managed to have a beautiful pepper tree full of fruits in an apartment.

    How to plant pepper in pots at home

    I bought a packet of seeds in a haberdashery, the kind you sell in supermarkets and even at feed stores. It was written that it was to put 3 seeds in each hole in the earth at about 0.5 centimeters deep. So I also bought a 5 kilo bag of composted soil.

    As I didn’t know if it would work or not, I already put the fertilized soil in a plastic pot, made some holes in the soil with my finger, threw a bunch of seeds into the holes and closed the holes with soil. Well, the seeds germinated in about a week (7 days) and I was sure that I was supposed to have fulfilled the information on the package (only 3 seeds per hole), because they germinated a lot and I ended up having to clean a little .

    See below the photo of the seeds germinated after 7 days of planting. Photo taken on November 27, 2020.

    Pepper plant sprouting

    Pimenteira germinando

    The seed packet also said that the plant should get at least 3 hours of sun a day, so I chose a corner here at home that would get the afternoon sun, because the morning sun was kind of impossible since I live in an apartment and the only possible place to leave the plant was in the service area.

    Another tip from the envelope was to water whenever necessary and keep the soil moist, so I got into the habit of watering a little every morning as the weather was very hot and the sun in the afternoon. left the ground dry.

    Only with this care the plants started to develop and 4 months later, in March 2021, they started to show the first flowers. As can be seen in the photo below taken on March 14, 2021.

    Pepper plant blooming

    Pimenteira florescendo

    As I didn’t have any type of fertilizer at home, I figured there must be some product I could use to strengthen the plant, so I went to a feed house and the seller showed me a product called Mixed mineral fertilizer for pots, vegetable gardens and gardens 08-08-08 Raiz, from the Casa Verde brand. I bought it because it was very cheap. The content of the bottle was 120ml and it was enough to dilute a capful (about 7.5 ml) in a liter of water and the application was only every 15 days.

    Time passed and in a little more than a month after the previous photo, the plants had already started to bear their first fruits. Early in the morning when I went to water them I noticed the fruits and took this photo to keep as a souvenir. Photo taken on April 25, 2021.

    Pepper plant bearing fruit

    Pimenteira dando frutos

    From then on it was just joy, because they were bearing more and more fruit and becoming beautiful. Not even the fungi that started to give (I don’t know why) couldn’t take away the beauty of my loaded pepper pot. Photo taken on May 13, 2021.

    Pimenteira grande

    I was so excited that I bought more peppers at the fair, but this time they had other qualities like pink pepper red and yellow, plus some girl finger peppers to plant too and started all over again.

    This last photo was taken on August 20, 2021, just over 9 months after planting the chili pepper seeds.

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