Onions: Know the difference between the various types

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Onions: Know the difference between the various types

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  • When you go to the market, fair, Hortifruti, have you noticed that there are several types of onions?

    So, amazingly, each one of them has very interesting differences that can help you a lot when choosing which one to use.

    Want to know what those differences are? Below are some that I have listed:

    Sweet onion:

    Dark yellow in color, sweet onions are best for frying. So when you think of a steak with onions, or even those breaded onion rings, this is the one you should go for.

    Purple onion:

    As the name implies, this onion has a dark purplish color and is ideal to eat raw. Yes, it is great for salads, spreads and creams where there is no need to heat the ingredients.

    White onion:

    With a very light color, the white onion has an unmistakable characteristic. She is really white. In addition, the white onion is very crispy and has a more rounded shape.

    With these characteristics it is ideal for decoration and more visual dishes that need to explore this format more.

    Yellow onion:

    As one of the most commonly found on the market, yellow onion is widely used for cooked and roasted dishes. That’s right, it doesn’t have much freshness, just cut and prepare. Simple as that.


    Being the mildest and with the most subtle flavor, shallot onions, or shallots, have a thinner shape and are often used in dishes where the onion flavor cannot be accentuated.

    Difference between types of onions

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